SEAPaSS 2.0 – Malaysia

Launch of SEAPaSS 2.0

As of 31st December 2020, SEAPaSS 1.0 will be retired with the launch of SEAPaSS 2.0.!

SEAPaSS 2.0 will launch with new features such as One Login for all your eBay accounts, New UX and UI, SKU Management, Order Management, Repost Order and API Support.

However, some functions which were in SEAPaSS 1.0 will be disabled. These functions include:

Payment function

Sellers are required to setup their own DHL Express accounts to continue using SEAPaSS 2.0.

Pick Up request via SEAPaSS for DHL eCommerce

Sellers are required to contact their local DHL eCommerce service for pick up arrangements.

Learn how to use SEAPaSS 2.0 with this User Guide

New features of SEAPaSS 2.0

Logistics Partners

Users can manage multiple shipping services on one page by selecting the following leading logistics partners to handle their orders:

DHL eCommerce’s Packet Plus, Standard Packet, and Parcel Direct.
DHL Express.

One SEAPaSS login for all your eBay accounts.

Better than before, the SEAPaSS 2.0 update now allows users who have more than one eBay account to add all of them to the system and manage them in a single location using only one SEAPaSS login ID.

One page for all tasks.

Users can now manage their orders on a single order management page where they can view all important information and easily control the entire fulfilment process.

You’re now able to Assign Shipping, Get TrackCode, Print Label, Upload Tracking, and more on a single page!

New UX/UI with enhanced searching and filtering for efficient label creation.

SEAPaSS 2.0 allows for a quicker search of sales orders by using various filters such as eBay account, country of delivery, single order or combined order, as well as shipping services.

Sellers can also create labels for each sales order by using the label function.

Support for SKU management.

Sellers do not need to re-enter the same pre-assigned SKU information in repeating transactions.

Order Management – easy to combine or split orders.

SEAPaSS 2.0 automatically combines orders for the same buyer when importing from eBay. Sellers can also manually combine or split orders for the same buyer using the updated order management page.

Repost orders.

The updated version supports reposting orders while keeping all posting history.

API support.

SEAPaSS 2.0 provides an open API so sellers can integrate it into their own ERP systems.


The payment function will be disabled on SEAPaSS 2.0. Sellers that are using the SEAPaSS 1.0 payment function are required to get in touch with their local DHL Express team to setup their own DHL Express accounts and update the account number accordingly in SEAPaSS 2.0.
SEAPaSS 1.0 will still be availble untill 31st December 2020. However, sellers who have already setup their SEAPaSS 2.0 account are advised to utilize the the new system only. This is to avoid system confusion as there may be multiple tracking numbers generated.
A webinar training for SEAPaSS 2.0 will be conducted in mid December 2020. Once the date and training materials are ready, eBay will share this information with all impacted sellers.

SEAPaSS 2.0 – Malaysia