Take your first step towards global selling with eBay

Making the shift to online selling need not be a daunting process thanks to a step-by-step approach with eBay.

Why expand online?


Opportunities for growth

Offering easy access

In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, online expansion is a priority, not an option. To stay relevant, your customers need to reach you easily.

Reaching customers worldwide

Why be confined to a local market? Expanding online means attracting customers worldwide in a 24/7 marketplace.

Better promotion for the traditional business

Moving your business online does not mean shutting down your physical store. It simply leads to increased visibility in this competitive market.

Improved customer experience

Staying connected with customers and receiving feedback is much easier online. Delivering excellent customer support will attract more clients in time.


Global Reach

Sell more and command higher prices when you reach an international audience. Here are 3 ways international buyers can see your listings:

Select international shipping when listing your products

Include your listing on individual eBay country sites in addition to eBay.com

To target specific countries, list your items directly on that eBay country site


Low Setup Cost

Insertion Fees

This is a fee charged with every listing. US$0.35 per listing, free for the first 200 listings.

Final Value Fee

This is a percentage of your sales. About 10% of the total item and shipping prices.

International Fees

The International fee for Sellers with an eBay registered address in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam is 1.3%.


Hassle-free shipping

Introducing CPaSS (Cross Border Parcel Shipping Solution) , a single platform that lets you automate and scale your order fulfilment processes.

Integrated carrier

Automatic shipping label printing

1-click upload tracking number

Automated tracking update

Why choose global selling on eBay?