Promotions - Overview

Promotions - Overview

Promote and profit with eBay Promotions Manager

Market your merchandise with the skills of a pro! Create special offers and draw buyers in like bees to honey.

Promotions Manager: Order discounts

Encourage buyers to order more than they might have planned. 

Promotion Managers: Volume Pricing

Volume pricing gives tiered discounts to buyers purchasing multiple quantities of your items.

Promotions Manager: Shipping discounts

Shipping discounts offer is a great opportunity to create interest among potential buyers and loyalty in your existing buyers.

Promotions Manager: Sale event + markdown

Sale event + markdown is a great way to show your potential buyers the value of buying your items. 

Promotions Manager: Coded coupons

Coded сoupons is a new way to offer your buyers a discount through a coupon code.

Promoted Listings Express

Promoted Listings Express lets you boost visibility for your auction-style listings with just a few clicks.

Promoted Listings Standard

Do you want to be more visible, find new customers and sell even more? Try Promoted Listings Standard now.

Promoted Listings Advanced

Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns give you the high visibility you want and the control you need.

Connect with more buyers using social media

Get practical insights into how to use social media to bring in buyers to your listings at the most critical moments of their shopping journey.

The basics of SEO on eBay

eBay’s own internal search engine, Cassini, helps the user quickly find the information they need.

Adding Best Offer to listings

If you want to increase your chances of selling an item, you can add the Best Offer option to your listing. 

Promotional strategies to help you sell more

Any successful selling tactic starts from a smart strategy. Take a moment to work out your game plan using the tips provided.

Increase profits during the peak season sales

Holiday sales are just around the corner! What to sell? When to start selling? All your questions answered!

Promoted Listings Standard, Advanced or Express? How to choose the right campaign

The Promoted Listings tool can boost your item exposure to active shoppers. Learn which campaign is the best fit for you.