The eBay Resolution Centre

The number one way to keep your good reputation as a reliable eBay seller is by maintaining good Seller Performance Standards.

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious or diligent you are, there may be times when you’ll have to face an unhappy buyer.  There are a few reasons why this could happen. As disappointing as it may be, trust us, it’s not the end of your eBay business. Here we’ll explain how to use the eBay Resolution Centre to resolve issues between you and your buyers

What is the eBay Resolution Centre?

The eBay Resolution Centre is a resolution platform that is easy, secure and readily available to everyone in the eBay community. This is where you or your buyer go to open cases, communicate and resolve problems.

Think of it as a central communication hub where you and your buyer(s) can have a heart to heart in a civilised manner with eBay acting as a neutral third party. Also, communicating via eBay’s Resolution Centre means you’ll have a black & white record of everything that transpired. This will protect your eBay Seller Performance Standards should you be the one in the right.

Make the eBay Resolution Centre Your Last Resort