Important Updates to the Direct Shipping Policy for Cross-Border Transactions

Important Updates to the Direct Shipping Policy for Cross-Border Transactions shipped from Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong And Taiwan) – SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate

Dear eBay Seller,

Since 1st July 2021, eBay has implemented a Value-Added Tax collection and payment policy for transactions shipped to EU, in which none of the items have a unit price exceeding 150 Euros. With this, SpeedPAK has arranged for a faster customs clearance channel to improve the timeliness of deliveries. To reflect these improved handling times, eBay has shortened the estimated delivery times for its SpeedPAK Economy and SpeedPAK Standard shipping options.

For transactions in which the unit price of an item shipped to Europe is greater than 150 Euros, it is required by EU laws and regulations for the item to be delivered to the European buyer on a Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) basis. In order to cope with the longer customs clearance time for products delivered by DDU, the SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Service has now been launched on the main eBay websites (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain and Canada).

We recommend that SpeedPAK users adopt the SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Service shipping option for all items which are being delivered to Europe, with a unit price which higher than 150 Euros. Sellers who continue to adopt SpeedPAK Standard and Economy options that are inconsistent with the projected delivery times, may find that this leads to an increase of “Items Not Received” disputes which will in turn affect seller account performance.

Further to the above, eBay will be updating the SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate policy as follows:

For all items shipping from Mainland China to Germany, France, Italy and Spain with a unit price of more than 150 Euros (excluding shipping cost): Sellers are required to provide SpeedPAK DDU or Express shipping options and may not provide SpeedPAK Standard or Economy options. Transactions must be fulfilled by using shipping services that are aligned with the buyer’s selected shipping option.

This policy will take effect on November 21 2021 (transaction date). The latest requirements after the policy adjustment are as follows:

Evaluation Module Shipping from Mainland China to Listing Site Unit Price of Items to meet the compliance requirements (including the average shipping cost of a single item) Compliance Requirements (Compliant Transactions must meet all of the below requirements) Compliance Ratio****

(this is the minimum the percentage of transactions which must be Compliant Transactions)

1 Germany/France/Italy/Spain eBay site of the relevant destination country* >150 euros (not including shipping) 1. Use SpeedPAK shipping services or any other shipping services** that meet the policy requirements.

2. Service adopted must correspond to your buyer’s selected shipping option.***

3. Have an acceptance scan recorded within your listing’s specified handling time.

2 United States United States Any price 90%
3 United Kingdom United Kingdom Full Any price 90%
4 Germany Germany <=150 euros (not including shipping) 90%
5 Australia Australia >8 Australia Dollar 90%
6 Canada/France/Italy/Spain Any Sites United States:> 6 USD;

United Kingdom:> 5 pounds;

Germany, France, Italy, Spain:> 5 euros (not including the transaction in evaluation model 1);

Australia:> 8 Australian dollars;

Canada:> 8 Canadian dollars;

other sites:> 6 US dollars

* Germany route: eBay Germany site; France route: eBay France site; Italy route: eBay Italy site; Spain route: eBay Spain site
** For a complete list of logistics services that meet the requirements of the policy, please see the policy details page
*** 1) For the transactions in evaluation module 2, 3, 4, and 5, the seller needs to offer and the buyer finally select the SpeedPAK shipping option or express logistics option

2) For evaluation module 1, i.e. direct shipping products sold to Germany, France, Italy and Spain with a unit price of more than 150 euros (not including shipping), seller can only offer SpeedPAK DDU shipping option or Express shipping option, the compliance ratio is 100%

3) The transaction of evaluation module 6 has no requirements for shipping options

**** Sellers who fail to meet the required Compliance Ratio may be subject to account restrictions, including but not limited to selling limits reductions.

eBay Germany Site SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Option:

eBay France Site SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Option:

eBay Italy Site SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Option:

eBay Spain Site SpeedPAK DDU Shipping Option:

As always, thank you for selling on eBay!


Important Updates to the Direct Shipping Policy for Cross-Border Transactions