File Exchange no longer available from June 15, 2021

Effective June 15, 2021, the current File Exchange platform will no longer be supported. We will be replacing File Exchange with updated tools that bring you improved performance and reliability.

Access File Exchange via web interface

Sellers will be able to find most of the File Exchange core functionality in Seller Hub Reports, this includes the ability to create active listings reports, sold reports and revise price and quantity reports.

The downloads and uploads of your reports and templates in Reports is similar to the old File Exchange tool. Please note that Reports is available to sellers who have used the File Exchange tool before this update, however access will be opened to all sellers very soon.

To use this function, head to Learn more about the Seller Hub Reports:

If you are currently integrated with File Exchange programmatically via HTTP, or through eBay’s POST or GET URL, please keep reading or forward this to your IT Admin.

In order to maintain your current functionality, you’ll need to switch to the Feed API (

Please see the instruction guide below for detailed instructions on making this transition:

Instruction Guide:

If you do not complete these steps, any scripts or programs you have that use File Exchange will not work after June 15.

Completing this transition will require registering as an eBay developer and may take some time. We recommend that you start as soon as possible to avoid losing any functionality.